Amu Hinamori is an eleven year old girl in elementary school who dreams of becoming her true self. She is also the main heroine of the story.


Amu Hinamori is defined as "cool and spicy" by her classmates because she puts on a mature act so that she'll look cool in front of her classmates. In truth, she's actually a shy, nervous girl who wants people to see her for who she truley is. However, no matter how much she tries, she can't knock her "cool and spicy" habit, and continues to act like a mature elementary school student.

One night, Amu laid in her bed and wished that she could become her true self. Because of this, three eggs were born: one was pink and had hearts on it, another one was blue and had spades on it, and the final one was green and it had clovers on it. Inside these three eggs were Amu's shugo charas, or her would-be-selves. Amu was confused by these eggs and had no idea what they were, so she kept them with her to see what they would do. However, this backfired on her when she was sitting in a school assembly and thinking about the boy she liked, who was giving the announcement at the assembly, Tadase Hotori. She was depressed that she couldn't confess her feelings to him, but a little voice in her head screamed out, "Just do it if you really want to!" Suddenly, Amu's cross hair-clips turned into hearts and her first shugo chara, Ran, took over. Ran controlled her body and made her stand up and shout, "I love you, my prince!" in front of the entire school. Embarrassed by what she had done, she ran out of the school to get away from everyone. However, she wasn't looking where she was going and fell down into a construction hole. She panicked, not knowing how to get out, but one of her shugo charas came to the rescue. The pink egg with hearts slowly floated in front of her and spoke to her before cracking in half and revealing the first shugo chara, Ran. Ran gave her the magical ability to have ping wings on her ankles and wrists, allowing her to fly out of the whole. However, when she landed, she landed 100 feet up on the construction building. Things got even worse when a boy named Ikuto Tsukiyomi showed up, determined to take Amu's eggs. Amu became angry at him for trying to take her eggs and grabbed the eggs back, only to fall off the building. As she falls, a lock, called the Humpty Lock, flew down to her and glowed. Suddenly, she had a transformation with Ran and became Amulet Heart, one of her would-be selves. When she transformed into Amulet Heart, she became more energetic and happy, and she gained more control over her flying abilities. However, when she became nervous about flying, the transformation wore off and she fell to the ground. Thankfully, Tadase Hotori showed up and used his shugo chara powers to catch her, causing her to the land safely. Tadase then explained that he had a shugo chara named Kiseki and that shugo charas are their "would-be-selves," he then continued to explain that a group at Amu's school called the "Guardians" all have shugo charas as their own, and that she should join them. From then on, Amu was known as the "Joker Chair" in the Guardians.

Amu was later introduced to X Eggs and X Characters. These are black eggs that were once in childrens' hearts, but became X eggs because the children gave up on their dream. It was Amu's job to find these X Eggs and purify them with an attack called "X Egg: Lock-on! Open Heart!" She was assigned to this job because she was the only one (at the time) who had the ability to purify X-Eggs. So whenever the Guardians found an X Egg, they would chase it to Amu so she could purify it. She would make her hands into the shape of a heart then blow a heart-shaped beam at the X Eggs, the eggs would then become white again and fly back to their owners, giving the children hope again. In the beginning of the first season, Amu couldn't purify the X Eggs before they hatched and turned into X Characters, so she usually had to talk to the X Characters and calm them down, or distract them, before finally being able to purify them. After that, the X Characters would turn into their original shugo chara form before going back into their egg, then promptly going back into their creator's heart. By the time the second season came around, X-Characters never showed, and Amu could simply purify the eggs without having them hatch.

Amu found out that all of these X Eggs are created by Easter, and evil corporation who's whole purpose is to find the Embryo, a magical egg that grants a wish to anyone who finds it. In order to find it, they feel they must destroy all the eggs in childrens' hearts so that they can narrow the search down. Working for this corporation are Ikuto and Utau Tsukiyomi, who place Amu as their top enemy. However, Amu and her friends aren't going to give up without a fight! It's their duty to find all X Eggs and purify them, giving all children back their hopes and dreams!

Over the series, the plot covers less of Easter, and more about Amu's personal life. Throughout the series, Amu keeps trying to find her true self, but seems to be acting like it all along. This may be due to Tadase, because Amu tends to act like the "cute" and "carefree" girl that she wants to be when she's around Tadase. But there's trouble in paradise as Amu is faced with crushes on boys from left to right! She becomes flustered and confused when she continues to have fantasies about Tadase, Kukai, and Kairi, even Nagihiko later on. As the series progresses, it focused more on the growing relationship between Amu and Tadase, and the mission to save Ikuto from Easter.

Although Amu is their enemy, Ikuto and Utau are able to talk to her and spend time with her as friends, even though they are ordered to attack each other. This made it a lot easier for them to be friends after Utau and Ikuto escaped from Easter. The reason they were friends before may be because of Amu's cheerful and friendly personality. Because she never actually wanted to fight, this gave Ikuto and Utau no reason to be completely mean to her. This also happened with Lulu, the main enemy in the second season. Amu was not aware that Lulu was creating the ? eggs, and therefore, quickly became her friend. Lulu wasn't used to friends, so she was foreign to the idea of hanging out at temples and having sleepovers, but she got used to it quickly and warmed up to Amu after she helped with situations in her family, and helped Lulu's shugo chara get better after catching a cold.

Near the end of the second season, Amu was caught up in a rivalry between Tadase and Ikuto, which went back all the way to their childhood. Tadase warned Amu about Ikuto being a sneaky black cat that could never be trusted, but when Ikuto was sick, Amu had to take him in until he got better. Ikuto used this to his advantage, and embarrassed Tadase when Ikuto told him that he heard Tadase's confession to Amu. He also made it seem like Amu was "betraying" him since she let Ikuto stay in his room. Tadase was heartbroken, and didn't listen to Amu when she tried to tell him that Ikuto was lying. Thankfully, a few episodes later, Amu explained everyting to Tadase, and he understood, which brought them back to their romantic relationship with each other.

Amu is technically the one who took down Easter at the end of season two. Hikaru was ordering his father around and demanded the Embryo. It was Amu who told Hikaru that happiness wasn't that hard to achieve, and that he just had to enjoy everything. Hikaru, without much emotion, finally calmed down and told his father to stop searching for the embryo, haulting the creation of X Eggs. Amu and her friends then celebrated their victory over Easter before going home. The last four main people seen before the departure from Easter were: Amu, Tadase, Ikuto, and Utau. Ikuto was seen hopping off after saying his goodbye, while Amu, Tadase, and Utau watched, smiling.

In the final chapter of Shugo Chara Encore, Amu is seen graduating with all of her friends. She is excited about the wedding, and she later finds out that Ikuto is coming back to Japan to see it. The next day, Amu sees Ikuto and the two talk before going to the wedding the next day. Amu's final appearance in the series is when she is at the wedding and writing in her journal. Yukari threw the bouquet and it landed in Amu's hands, however, she did not notice this because she was too distracted by Nagihiko whispering in her ear that he is really Nadeshiko. Amu screamed and threw the bouquet in the air as she tripped. Tadase and Ikuto caught her and looked up with Amu to see that the bouquet was caught by Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia.


Amu's style is admired by many anime fans and many of her classmates in the anime. All of her clothes are styled as "punk-lolita," which is normally made up of crosses, plaid, and lots of red and pink.

Although she wears punk-lolita most of the time, it's only because her mother wishes for her to. Since her mother works for a fashion magazine, she loves to dress up her two daughters in specific clothes. Ami, Amu's little sister, is usually dressed up in cutesy-lolita dresses, and Amu is dressed up in punk-lolita since Amu's mother thinks that the older sister should be cool and spicy and the little sister should be cute and lovable. Not wanting to upset her mother, Amu wears the punk-lolita clothes, but she still has a secret stash of cutesy lolita clothes in her closet which she shows to no one.

Amu even altered her school uniform to fit her "cool and spicy" attitude. She added red-plaid socks, a red arm-band, a black belt, and she unbuttoned the blazer. All of the other students wear their uniform tidy, buttoned-up, and to the dress code, which is why they admire Amu for dressing against the school dress-code. She even refused to wear the signature cape that all the guardians have to wear. She was only seen wearing it once during a school assembly.

She is always seen wearing her hair in different way, holding it up with a cross-clip. Most of the time, the cross is red, and her hair-style is a simple, side-ponytail. But sometimes she'll change up her hair-style and the color of her cross-clip to match her outfit. The colors of all of her cross-clips are: red (most of the time), blue, green, yellow, purple, and black.

Shugo Charas

Unlike other characters in the show, who only have one shugo chara, Amu is blessed with four. Each of these shugo charas represents the signs in poker (heart, spade, clover, diamond) and each have a unique personality that Amu wants to persue.


Ran was the first shugo chara to hatch. She is the pink shugo chara and her shape is the heart. She represents Amu's dream to be athletic, energetic, and out-going. She is also the closest shugo chara to look like Amu. She has pink hair like Amu and ties it up into a side-ponytail like Amu. She wears a one-piece, pink cheerleader outfit and wears a pink bandana around her neck. She wears pink sneakers with light pink socks. She is almost never seen without her pink pompoms which she uses to cheer on Amu. Strangely, below Ran's cheerleader outfit is a diaper like object. It poofs out like a diaper and ends at her thighs. Ran wears a pink visor with a large, red heart-clip on the side.

Ran first appeared in episode one when she embarrased Amu by taking over her body and making her shout out her love to Tadase Hotori. She later hatched for the first time and gave Amu the power to fly, she then later transformed with Amu to make "Amulet Heart." She was the first shugo chara to transform with Amu. This also makes Ran the most popular of Amu's shugo charas since she was the first to hatch, looks the most like Amu, and is pink, she is basically the main shugo chara. Because of this, it's obvious that Amu would transform with Ran more than everyone else. This has made the other shugo charas jealous from time to time, but Ran insists that Amu needs her speed and agility to be able to catch X-Eggs.

When she "chara-changes" with Amu, Amu's cross-clip becomes a heart-clip and she becomes more energetic and exciting, she also gains the ability to do well at sports, as well as fly. She is also the one who character transforms with Amu the most, often earning her an earful from Amu. Ran, unlike the other shugo charas, only does wrong when she chara-changes with Amu. Mostly by making her excited and making her admit her feelings whenever she is happy about Tadase telling her that he loves her. She will also make Amu stand out on purpose because she thinks it'll help Amu's self-esteem, but it really makes Amu embarrassed.


Miki was the second shugo chara to hatch. She is the blue shugo chara and her shape is the spade. She represents Amu's dream to be artistic, creative, and romantic.

Miki first appeared in the second episode when Amu was in art class. Amu was a terrible drawer and wished that she could draw better. That's when Miki dropped in and character-changed with her, changing her cross-clips to spades and causing her hand to draw rapidly on the paper, creating a fabulous drawing. At first, Miki didn't want to join Amu since she was disappointed in her for not being able to achieve her would-be-self, but eventually joined her, along with Ran, and helped her purify the X eggs.

Miki is a calm, serious shugo chara who loves drawing and designing. She is also the shugo chara who represents Amu's love life, even having a love-life of her own! Miki's crushes are: Tadase's shugo chara, Kiseki, Kukai's shugo chara, Daichi, Kairi's shugo chara, Musashi, Ikuto's shugo chara, Yoru, and Nagihiko's shugo chara, Rythm. She seems to fall in love with all the male shugo charas.

Miki is the most boyish out of all of Amu's shugo charas. For one, she is the only one to wear shorts instead of a skirt or dress. Also, instead of styling her hair into a cute style like the other shugo charas, she pushes her short hair into her large hat so it won't be in her way. Even though she has this appearance that doesn't look like she cares about fashion, she is actually the most fashionable one in the group and is often the one who designs all of Amu's best outfits. You can normally tell if one of Amu's outfits is designed by Miki if it is a dark color like blue, black, purple, or dark green. Another way to tell is if Amu is wearing blue hairclips, this is one way to tell if the outfit is made by Miki.

Miki has the ability to draw a picture on her sketchpad, then perform a magic charm on it by waving around her paintbrush (much like Amu does in her "Colorful Canvas" attack) and causing multi-colored paint to splash around. This charm will summon whatever is on the paper into real life. This is how most of Amu's outfits come to be.

When Miki character changes with Amu, Amu becomes more calm and more older-sister-like, giving off a peaceful-aura, and she gains the ability to draw well and conduct music. She was the second shugo chara to character transform with Amu, becoming Amulet Spade.


Suu was the third shugo chara to hatch. She is the green shugo chara and her shape is the clover. She represents Amu's dream to be kind, sweet, and domestic, like a house-wife.

Suu first appeared in the third episode when Amu was trying to make a fruit-tart for Tadase. However, when Ikuto showed up and attacked her, the fruit-tart accidently broke. After Ikuto left, Amu started crying over the fruit-tart, depressed that all of her hard work had gone to waste. However, that's when Suu was born. Suu is a perky, sweet, gentle shugo chara who loves cooking and cleaning. She cheered Amu up and told her that this could be a quick fix. Instead of making a fruit-tart, Suu character-changed with Amu and helped her bake cookies instead. However, Suu is very clumsy and accidently spilled the cookies. Thankfully, Amu caught them with her apron before they could hit the floor.

When Suu character changes with Amu, Amu becomes perky and sweet, and she actually starts to act her age. She will often wink and become optimistic while in this form. She also gains excellent cooking skills while in this form, which is why whenever the Guardians need to cook something, Suu will pop in and chara-change with Amu to make her cook a feast. Suu, unlike Amu's other shugo charas, does not get yelled at for chara-changing. This is because Suu only does good whenever she chara-changes with Amu and gives her good quality, whereas, when Ran chara-changes with Amu, she often makes Amu act excited and look foolish, and since Miki and Dia almost never chara-change with Amu, Amu doesn't yell at them.

Suu first character-transformed with Amu in episode 12 when she had to get back an X egg from Utau. She transformed into Amulet Clover and used the attack "Remake Honey!" to purify the X egg and help a lost dog find its way back home.




Dia was the fourth and final shugo chara to hatch. She is the yellow shugo chara and her shape is the diamond. She represents Amu's dream to be a star and shine in front of others.

Dia didn't appear until the middle of the first season. Amu and the other shugo charas were surprised to see another egg in Amu's bed and wondered why it only appeared now. However, later, when Amu began doubting herself of being able to become strong and take care of all of the X Eggs, Dia's egg formed an X on it, making it an X egg. It then flew off to join Utau and fight with her. Dia was the only shugo chara to have an X on it. (However, in one Shugo Chara Pucchi Pucchi episode, the shugo charas found an X and wanted to put it on to see what they would be like. They each did it and became equally depressing, but they found it fun. When Dia saw how much fun they were having, she asked if she could join, they then told her that they already saw her X-form, so it was boring. Dia sulked as she left.)

Dia first hatched in episode 29 when Utau was fighting Amu. The X egg flew in front of Utau and hatched, revealing X-Dia, a shugo chara who barely spoke and who was very serious. The X still remained on her even when she hatched. The X was on her headband, over the diamond that was originally there. When Dia first hatched, she looked at Utau and immediatly character transformed with her to make "Dark Jewel." This made Utau very powerful, but since she wasn't her original shugo chara, it took too much power out of her, and the transformation ended.



X-Dia stayed with Utau for the rest of the season, and transformed with Utau whenever she needed to. In fact, Utau stopped using her shugo charas all together and just used X-Dia. X-Dia even helped her extract X-Eggs from childrens' hearts by letting Utau record her CDs with X-Dia's character change, so that whenever someone listened to the CD, they would get an X-Egg. When she was X-Dia, she willingly fought against Amu and didn't hold back at all. However, near the end of the first season, she refused to fight for Utau and went back to Amu when Amu realized that she could achieve her true self. The X then lifted from Dia's headband and she transformed to reveal a cheerful, shining Dia who agreed to transform with Amu and purify all the X-Eggs. They then both transformed into Amulet Dia (Amulet Diamond) and purified all the X-Eggs saving the day.

There are heavy differences between Dia and X-Dia. Dia is light skinned and wears orange and white, and her hair is orange and is styled into two orange pigtails. However, X-Dia is dark skinned, has yellow eyes, wears a black and yellow dress, and has long, blone hair that she styles into a ponytail. Because of this, it can only be assumed that shugo charas and their X-shugo chara counterparts look different. However, in a Shugo Chara Pucchi Pucchi episode, when Ran, Miki, and Suu all put on an X, their appearances did not change, meaning that only Dia changed when her X was lifted.

Because Dia was with Utau for so long, they developed a close bond that stayed with them even after Dia went back to Amu. Now, whenever Utau sees Dia, they smile at each other.

However, after that battle, Dia went back into her egg and slept for the rest of the second season. She only came out briefly once or twice when the gang really needed her. She came out permenantly at the end of the second season when Amu and Tadase had to rescue Ikuto from Easter. Amu transformed with Dia to make Amulet Dia and purified Ikuto of the darkness in his heart. Afterwards, Easter became a good corporation and Ikuto was free from it. From then on, Dia was always with Amu, along with the other shugo charas.

When Dia character changes with Amu, Amu becomes very calm and allows herself to shine.

Character Transformations

Amulet Heart

When Amu transforms with Ran, she becomes Amulet Heart.

Amulet Heart first appeared in episode one when Amu and Ikuto were standing on top of a building that was still in construction. Ikuto easily stole Amu's spade and clover eggs from her, and started to make off with them, but Amu screamed at him and ran at him, grabbing the eggs, but falling off the building during the process. She began to fall down to the ground, but before she could hit the ground, the Humpty Lock flew from Yoru's hands into Amu's, allowing her to transform with Ran to create Amulet Heart. Amu then used her new flying ability to fly up into the air and play around. However, when she noticed how high she was, she started freaking out and lost control of the transformation, which caused her to fall down to the ground again. Thankfully, Tadase was there and caught her just in time.

Although when Amu character-changes with Ran and she flies, she gains more control over her flight when she character transforms.

When Amu becomes Amulet Heart, she becomes outgoing, energetic, and athletic. She wears a pink cheerleading outfit with lots of ribbons and frills. She also wears her pink hair into a side-ponytailwith a large, red heart clip to hold it up.

Her weapons consist of a pink baton, pink pom-poms, and pink skates with wings on them that allow her to fly.

Amu becomes Amulet Heart more than any other character transformation, often making the other shugo charas jealous.

In the first season, Tadase fell in love with Amulet Heart and her energetic personality, which is why he blushed everytime he saw her. He finally confessed to "her," meaning Amu, when the Guardians were at a skii-lodge and he told Amu about his feelings for Amulet Heart. Amu became confused that he could fall in love with her alternate personality, but then became depressed when she realized that he didn't love her as herself. However, in the second season, Tadase confessed to her again, saying that he didn't just love Amulet Heart, he loved all of Amu and he asked if it would be okay to fall in love with her.

Amulet Spade

When Amu transforms with Miki, she becomes Amulet Spade.

Amulet Spade first appeared when Amu had to do a ballerina role in Yaya's ballet class. However, when the main star became angry that Yaya got her part, she lost hope that she could be famous one day, and therefore, got an X-Egg. Miki then transformed with Amu for the first time since the situation had something to do with the arts. After the X-Character complained that everything was useless, Amu became angry and started shouting at it, saying that it never tried. While the X-Character was in a daze, Amu took her chance and purified the X-Egg before it returned to its owner's heart.

Amulet Spade wears an artistic outfit with lots of frills and ribbons. She wears a light blue top with frills down the middle, and is has a long, light-blue bow in the back. She has dark blue shorts that connect to her thigh-high, blue and white striped socks. She wears redish-brown boots with yellow shoelaces that lace it up. She also wearss light blue sleeves that have ruffles at the end. Most of her hair is stuffed into a large, blue hat that Miki also wears, which has a blue spade clip on the side.

Her weapons consist of a large paintbrush which she uses to attack with "Colorful Canvas!" which is an attack where she spins her giant paintbrush around then flings it and releases rainbow colored paint at her opponent. Her other weapon is a blue baton in the shape of a treble-clef that she uses to perform the attack "Prism Music!" where she starts off looking like she's conducting music, then points to her opponent and flicks the baton slightly, releasing hundreds of rainbow colored musical notes.

Amulet Spade is probably the most popular Amu transformation among fans because of how cool the outfit looks.

Amu will only transform with Miki in artistic episodes that have something to do with music, art, or dancing.

Amulet Clover

When Amu transforms with Suu, she becomes Amulet Clover.

Amulet Clover first appeared in episode 12 when Amu needed to get an X-Egg back from Utau. She transformed with Suu to become perky and sweet: Amulet Clover. Amulet Clover then used her move "Remake Honey" to purify the X-Egg and help a lost dog find his home.

Amulet Clover wears a poofy, green dress that has lots of frills and ribbons. She wears a light green apron that has bows at the neck and waistline, and frills out at the bottom. Her hair is tied up into pig-tails and she has a big, green clover-clip over her left pigtail. Amulet Clover is Amu's least liked transformation by the fans because of how silly it looks, especially with the giant balloon-like poof at the bottom.

Her weapon is a wisk that she uses to perform the attack, "Remake Honey!" which can purify eggs and remake something that was destroyed.

When Amu transforms with Suu, she does very cute attacks and speaks in a high-pitched, cutesy voice.

Amulet Clover represents Amu's wish to be a house-wife, which is why all of her attacks and powers have to do something with cooking or cleaning.

Amu will only transform into Amulet Clover if Amulet Heart and Amulet Spade both fail. This transformation is also used for comic relief since Amu's personality strays so far from what it actually is. It's also used for comedy because all of her attacks seem to aggitate her opponents because she is able to cover their weapon in flowers, or act completely sweet and innocent towards them when they're attacking.

Amulet Dia (Amulet Diamond)

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When Amu transforms with Dia, she becomes Amulet Dia/Amulet Diamond.

Amulet Dia first appeared near the end of the first season when Dia finally returned to Amu. They transformed together to make Amulet Dia and purify all the X-Eggs.

Amulet Dia wears a bright-yellow, futuristic outfit with wing-like flaps on the back, allowing her the ability to fly. So Amulet Heart and Amulet Dia are the only character transformations that will allow Amu to fly.
Her weapon is a special rod in which she uses to perform the attack "Starlight Navigation!" which is a very powerful attack that will make things right again.

Amu only transforms with Dia three times in the series, at which all were at the end of a season. Since Dia is the most powerful of Amu's shugo charas, she is only used in time of desperate need. The first time she transformed into Amulet Dia was at the end of the first season when Amu needed to purify all the X Eggs made by Easter. The second time she transformed with Dia was near the end of the second season when she and Tadase needed to rescue Ikuto from Easter. She transformed into Amulet Dia and hugged Ikuto, purifying his heart and turning him good again. Later, Easter became good, and allowed Ikuto freedom from their company. The third and final time she transformed into Amulet Dia was at the end of the third season when she transformed with Rikka and they combined their powers to make a double-powered "Open Heart!" attack to purify all the X Eggs.

Amulet Dia's outfit and appearance closely resembles Rikka's transformation, Open Feeling. This may have been a pun seeing as how they look the same, their shugo charas are the same, and they ended up transforming and looking the same. They both had pigtails, they both wore a white and yellow dress, and they both happened to know the "Open Heart!" attack.

Amulet Angel

When Amu transforms with Eru, she becomes Amulet Angel.

Amulet Angel first appeared in episode 29 when Amu and Utau were fighting. When Utau transformed with X-Dia, Amu transformed with Eru, becoming Amulet Angel. This was Eru's first transformation, and it wasn't intended.

Amulet Angel wears a long, pink dress with ruffles and lots of pink bows at the stomach, neck, and elbows. She has a pair of small, white wings on her back and her hair is tied up into two small side-ponytails with two, small, white wing-clips. Although Amulet Angel has wing wings on her back, she does not possess the ability to fly, probably because they're so small and they can't carry her weight.

Amulet Angel is supposed to be the guardian of love, so she often tries to do love attacks, but fails miserably. In fact, the only attack that Amulet Angel can do properly is "White Flag!" where she holds up a white flag, admitting her defeat. However, for some reason, she also carried a scale with a vanilla and chocolate icecream cone, but she never uses these as weapons. Amulet Angel has also tried to perform an attack called "Angel Wink!" where she just spins around and winks. However, like all of her other attacks, this does nothing but cause humiliation for her.

Amu, just like Utau used X-Dia, started using Eru for every fight since episode 29, leaving Ran, Miki, and Suu jealous that she wouldn't use them anymore. Even though Amulet Angel couldn't do much, Amu still used that transformation until the last fight in the first season. After that, Eru returned to Utau and Amu started using Ran as he main transformation partner again.

Amulet Devil

When Amu transforms with Iru, she becomes Amulet Devil.

Amu only transformed into Amulet Devil one time and that was in the final battle of the first season. After using X-Dia so many times, Iru was mad that Utau wasn't using her to transform with, so she went over to Amu's side and forced her to transform with her, making Amulet Devil. Of course, Amu did not want this, so she freaked out during the transformation. But afterwards, she knew that she had to quickly attack Utau before Utau attacked her, so she activated her attack, Devil's Tune, which collided with Utau's "Black Particle" attack, causing a giant explosion. After the explosion, Iru ended her transformation with Amu and went back over to join Utau. Eru joined them as well.

Amulet Devil wears almost the exact same outfit as Iru. It's a short, skimpty outfit that shows as much skin as possible. She wears a tiny bra-like top that only covers her breasts with a giant red bat-wing clip. She wears red shorts that has red wings on the waistline. She also wears dark-red and white striped, thigh-high socks with dark red boots that have black bat-wings on them. She has a long, black, devil tale and wears a black hat that has devil horns on it. Her hair is also tied into two side pigtails that are held up by black, bat-wing clips.

Her weapon is a red and white guitar that appears in her hands when she transforms. She uses it to perform the attack "Devil's Tune!" She does this by strumming the guitar forcefully and letting out an ear-bleeding sound that apparently shoots out an attack. She only performed this attack one time, but it was easily countered by Utau's attack, Black Particle. When the two attacks collided, it resulted in a giant explosion.

After Iru seperated from Amu, she never transformed with her again.

Amulet Fortune

Amulet Fortune is a character transformation that Amu takes on when she transforms with Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia all at once.

Amu only transformed into Amulet Fortune once, and that was during the final battle of the second season.

Amu had transformed into Amulet Dia and had purified Ikuto's X-Egg when the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key joined together, causing Ikuto to transform into Seven Seas Treasure, and Amu to transform into Amulet Fortune.

Amulet Fortune's outfit is a poofy, white, wedding dress that splits into two sections at the bottom that have a yellow bow at the end of each section. She has a pink, blue, green, and yellow striped bow over her chest area, and on the left side of her veil. Amu has a long white veil and she wears long, white gloves. She has a large, clover-like clip that is made up of red, green, yellow, and blue clips, all the colors of her shugo charas. She also wears the humpty lock around her neck as a necklace.

Amulet Fortune represents Amu's dream to marry her true love.

Although Amulet Fortune doesn't have any attacks, she does have an upgraded version of the Open Heart attack that she used to purify a large number of X-Eggs. Afterwards, she never transformed into Amulet Fortune again.



  • Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Although they started out as enemies, Amu and Ikuto are very good friends and are seen hanging out and talking a lot. Even after Ikuto left for a trip around the world, they kept in contact over text messages. Ikuto constantly teases her and loves to see her act like an idiot, which normally makes Amu angry and makes her storm off in a rage, but at the end of the day, they're still friends.
  • Nagihiko Fujisaki: Nadeshiko was Amu's best friend and Amu became very depressed when she went away for her trip around the world. But when she returned and revealed herself as a boy, Amu took him as a good substitue and became good friends with him in exchange for Nadeshiko not being there. However, Amu is not aware that Nadeshiko is actually Nagihiko because Nagihiko told her a small white lie that Nadeshiko is his twin sister. To this day, she still doesn't know.
  • Rima Mashiro: Although Rima hated Amu at first, they soon grew to love each other, and now Rima thinks of Amu as her best friend. She even gets protective of her when someone tries to steal her away or try to make her their best friend. This caused a rivalry between Rima and Nagihiko since they're both her best friends. Rima also gossips with Yaya about how lovey-dovey Amu and Tadase are.
  • Yaya Yuiki: Like everyone else on the Guardians, Yaya is a close friend of Amu's and is always apart of the group when the "girls" go out. (Amu, Nadeshiko, Yaya, Rima) Yaya also gossips with Rima about how lovey-dovey Amu and Tadase are.
  • Utau Tsukiyomi: Utau and Amu were once rivals when Utau worked for Easter, but when Utau quit Easter and went off on her own, she and Amu became close friends and now Amu is personally invited to all of her concerts.
  • Lulu Mamamoto: Lulu once worked for Easter and used her power to extract ? eggs, making Amu her enemy, but even over the time thay Lulu worked for Easter, she and Amu became friends and even had a sleepover.

Love Life:

Tadase Hotori: Amu has been in love with Tadase since the beginning of the series. Her feelings were first shown when she first saw Tadase at school and thought in her mind, "My prince.." Later, she was seen listening to a school assembly led by Tadase when Ran took over her body and made her confess her feelings for Tadase.

In the third episode, Amu even pushed her feelings more when she made him cookies and put a love-note inside, but quickly took the note back before she could embarrass herself.

Tadase and Amu (Tadamu)

Amu's hopes were dashed in one episode when Tadase told her that he was in love with Amulet Heart, her alternate personality. Amu was depressed for awhile about Tadase not liking her for her, but continued to get close to her.

However, Amu's hopes were lifted to infinity and beyond in Shugo Chara Doki! when Tadase confessed to her a second time, but this time, it was for Amu and Amu alone. Tadase then asked her if it would be okay to fall in love with her, and Amu said yes. He then held her hand and smiled at her, blushing, saying he was very happy.

From that point on, Amu and Tadase were seen holding hands a lot, and they slowly got into the habit of going on dates, so they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Tadase even promised her that he would tell her that he loved her every day for all the days he missed, so whenever they were sitting together, alone, Tadase would say, "I love you, Amu-chan." to which Amu would blush madly. They even went to a "shout out your love" contest together, but before Tadase could shout out his feelings, ? eggs showed up and ruined the occasion.

Amu and Tadase's relationship continues to this day, and they continue to hold hands and say, "I love you" to each other, while each blushes.

Kukai Souma: During the first part of the first season, Amu kept having fantasies about being hit on by multiple boys. One of these boys was Kukai, and for a number of episodes, she had to try to decide which boy she was in love with. Thankfully, she and Kukai ended up just being friends.

Kairi Sanjo: Kairi fell in love with Amu but kept it a well kept secret. Amu was so oblivious of his crush that she didn't even know until the episode where he moved and he finally confessed to her. Amu then had a surprised look on her face briefly before freaking out. In a later episode, when Amu and Kairi met up again, Kairi refused to hang out with Amu because he felt he wasn't good enough to be near her, and that he would only hang out with her if he was man enough to be her boyfriend. Amu later yelled at him, saying that they're friends and that he can hang out with her if he wants to.


  • Amu's room, and most of her accessories, are decorated with hearts, clovers, spades, and diamonds. All of which are the signs of her shugo charas.
  • Amu has a total of 38 outfits in the show, whereas, every other character has around 3-7
  • Amu's name, Amu, is why all of her transformations started with the word Amulet.
  • Amu was the one to catch the bouquet at her cousin's wedding, so she might be the first one in the group to get married.
  • Amu has had a total of 7 character transformations, whereas, everyone else in the show has only had one or two.
  • Amu is the only member of the Guardians that doesn't wear the Guardian Cape. She was only seen wearing it once at the school assembly to welcome the new Jack's Chair and Queen's chair.
  • Amu is rumored to transform with Yoru in the future to make Amulet Cat.
  • Amu is also rumored to have a new shugo chara in the future, that shugo chara's symbol is the cross and she looks like a witch, however, this shugo chara is only available in the shugo chara card game, she will never be in the manga or the anime.
  • In a shugo chara video game, Amu transformed with Temari.
  • Amu is revealed to be a terrible singer when she tried to sing Utau's song while Ikuto played his violin. A few seconds after she started singing, Ikuto stopped playing and told her that she sung horribly.