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Shugo Chara is a manga made by the manga-artist duo-team, Peach-Pit, and first printed back in Febuary of 2006. Shugo Chara is the story of a girl named Hinamori Amu who is defined as "cool and spicy" by her classmates, naming her the coolest girl in school. She has a lone-wolf personality and acts way too mature for her age, but in reality, she's just a shy girl who wants people to like her for the real her, and not the "cool and spicy" girl she makes up in order for people to like her. One night, while she's wishing to become her true self, three eggs were born. These eggs contained Amu's three shugo charas, or, her would-be-selves. Not knowing what they are, she keeps them with her in case something happens. However, while at a school assembly, Amu started to think about the boy she likes, Hotori Tadase, who was giving the speech. She became depressed that she couldn't tell him that she liked him, but much to Amu's surprise, a little voice shouts in her head, telling her to do it if she really wants to. Amu's cross hair-clip then turned into a heart and her first shugo chara, Ran, took over. She made it so Amu would stand up and shout out her confession to Tadase, in front of the entire school. Embarrassed, Amu raced out of the school and kept running as far as she could. However, she wasn't looking where she was going and fell down a construction hole. Not knowing how to get out, she panicked, but her first shugo chara, Ran, hatched from her egg and gave her supernatural abilities to have wings appear on her wrists and ankles so she could fly out of the hole. However, when she finally landed, it was 100 feet in the air, on top of the construction building. And to make matters worse, a boy named Tsukiyomi Ikuto showed up, attempting to steal Amu's eggs. But before he could take them, Amu did a "Charanari!" or, a character transformation, and transformed into her would-be-self with Ran and became Amulet Heart. After her transformation, she became more happy and energetic, and could fly around as much as she wanted. However, when she started to freak out a little, she lost control and started falling to the ground. Thankfully, she was caught by  Hotori Tadase, who also has a shugo chara. He explained to her that the shugo charas are their would-be-selves and that a group called "The Guardians" at their school all had shugo charas, and that she should join them. From that day forward, Amu was sucked into the world of Shugo Chara.

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