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March 11, 2010

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Hello, I'm Sxerks from the Anime and Manga Hub on Wikia.

I just noticed the creation of this wiki and would like to point out that there already is a Shugo Chara! Wiki here on Wikia.

We would like to see peoples efforts combined and not divided.

You might want to drop by there and help them out instead of starting up the exact same project.

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--Sxerks 17:05, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

I already knew that there was already a Shugo Chara wikia created, and yes, I already have tried to contribute to it as you said, but every time I did, they would remove my info, then lock down the page so I couldn't add anything. Knowing that they wouldn't let me fix their mistakes, I made my own Shugo Chara wikia where I could add my info without it being removed and me being blocked from making any more edits. So no, I can not contribute to the main wikia because every time I do, my info is removed. This is a much better idea for two different wikias to exsist. Their's is for fans that like to focus their beliefs on the show behind opinions, and not actual fact, whereas, my wikia is completely facts and not written through crazy fangirl fantasy opinions. I think that my wikia will be a refreshing find for fans that actually want to know what happened in the series, instead of reading the crap that the other wikia has written to complete their fangirl fantasies.

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